Daily Prompt: Tempted by the night


via Daily Prompt: Tempted

Lola was a raven haired 26-year-old.  She stood about five and a half feet tall with a slender build.  She would have been quite a beauty if life had not beaten her down.  No one ever told her that by 26 she would feel more like a 50-year-old.  She was worn down and you could tell by looking at her that she was tired of her life.  Every night she walked the same street, talking to the same people.  None of them were good people, none of them were bad.  They were all doing the best they could with what life had given them.  Lola came from a broken home.  She never knew her father and to be perfectly honest she barely knew her mother.  At the age of 14 she was cast out of her home for the third and final time.  Her mother loved her heroin so much that there was no room for her to care or love Lola.  The first couple of years were hard.  Lola lived from shelter to shelter before she met Jerome.  He was not her knight in shining armor but he was her way out.  At sixteen years old she was not ready for what he planned for her but she had no choice.  “You need money to live.  You don’t make money you are on your own.” that is what he told her everyday.  Looking back now she wonders how she could have been so naive.  There were so many people who tried to help her but she was blinded by her own self-destructive tendencies.  She walled herself up to the point that she would never let anyone get close, not emotionally anyways.  She had not even thought about Jerome until tonight.  It had to have been 8 years since she cut ties with him.  The story is he overdosed in an abandoned warehouse and wasn’t found until 3 weeks later.  He was barely identifiable… the thought sent chills down Lola’s spine.  She did care for him in a way.  She stops and looks at the road signs, “Finally” she sighs as she stops by the corner of 1st and 5th street.  This is the spot she had claimed as her own for the last 2 years.  She doesn’t want to do the things she does to make her living but “You need money to live” is ingrained in her mind.  She sees normal couples walk by the women always side-eyed her, in her teeny tiny mini skirt that barely covered her rear and the bikini top she wore under an old torn and ragged jean jacket she found in a dumpster.  The men always cautiously stared.  She was Tempted to leave all this behind and try to find a way to make it work.  She was still young enough to start over.  Lola isn’t even her real name.  She hadn’t even heard anyone say her name in years.  That word would sound foreign to her now, but what if, just maybe she could make herself anew, get a real job, get married, have it all…. These thoughts are fleeting as she gets into the green 94′ Camry.  She knows this car well.  He was a nice looking 30-something year old that had been picking her up occasionally for the past 3 weeks. He required her services for the night.  Lola gets in casually, after all this was just the first caller of many on a Saturday night.

Zane pulled up to the corner of 1st and 5th street in his green 94′ Camry.  He had prepared himself for what he was going to do tonight.  There she was…. he knew Lola was not her real name but tonight he had no care about that.  Tonight he was going to do the thing that he was always Tempted to do.  After all no one will miss a simple street walker.  No one even knows her real name…..


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