Every Detail

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Denise and Tyler were married close to 5 years.  They had grown up together in the small town of Tate, Louisiana.  No one ever told Denise that Tyler’s constant verbal badgering and physical bullying was not okay.  Everyone in town knew about it.  You had to be blind in order to not see the marks he left.  He could not care less, being a deputy and the son of the sheriff had perks.  Don’t get me wrong no one in town condoned his behavior, but then again no one condemned it either.  Although they had been married for 5 years she endured this treatment for far longer.  She was so happy when the doctor told her that she would not be able to have children.  Her uterus was “wonky.”  Those were his exact words. She didn’t care, She did not see a way out and she certainly would not want to bring a child into this situation.  She was working on getting herself out as it was.  When they first got married Tyler found a stray dog.  A mix between a Rottweiler and a Golden Retriever.  That was their best guess anyways.  Bruno is what Denise decided to name him.  He was a beautiful maroon color and he grew to be very large, almost as big a mastiff.  His face had the markings of a Rotweiller.  Bruno was her only escape, her only real friend.  He would always stand guard when he felt tension rising and this made her feel slightly safe even though she knew he was in the same boat as her.  Tyler had an anger problem and did not care how or on who he unleashed his rage.  Denise was not allowed to work.  It was how Tyler held his control over her.  She was not stupid and one can only take so much. She spent her days learning how to train Bruno.  He was a very smart dog and picked things up quickly.  For a year she secretly trained him.  She found it amusing that Tyler never picked up on the fact that she was not doing simple obedience training… Oh no that was not the type of training at all.  She was training him to be a protection dog.  Little did she know she was doing an amazing job and she would find out soon enough just how well he was learning.  She planned her escape down to the smallest detail.  Some things though are out of our control.  One night Tyler came home drunk after going to the bar with his brother.  She was asleep when he got home but not for long.  Tyler stumbled in and flipped on the light and yanked Denise out of bed.  He told her to go make him something to eat.  He kicked her once for good measure.  At that point she had enough…. She felt the word roll out of her mouth.  The ease at which she said it was amazing to her.  She had no idea if she was really going to be able to go through with this but at the end of the day self-preservation comes natural.  “FASS” which is german attack command.

At this point Bruno knew what to do.  By the look on the animals face you could tell he was happy to defend Denise.  He went straight for the throat.  His teeth chomped through Tyler’s flesh like butter.  He bled out rather quick I’m sure this was due to the drinking.  Denise felt at ease for once, she went to the kitchen and cooked her some breakfast.  After all, it would probably be a while before she ate again. It wasn’t like Tyler was going anywhere his body was still warm. She would have to call her father in law the sheriff soon and she wanted to revel in her new-found freedom.  She was going to be honest after all everyone knew it was coming one day.  You don’t treat people the way Tyler did without it catching up to you eventually.  Sitting at the table looking at her empty plate she found merriment thinking back about every Specific detail of this night.  She was taking it all in before her world turned into chaos.  “It was all worth it,” she said aloud as she petted Bruno.


3 thoughts on “Every Detail

  1. Naomi Byrnes says:

    I found this really vivid. Part of me just celebrated her empowerment – feeling how little sense of choice she had and remembering my own experience as a child, powerless to the violence of adults. I so long for people to realise that violence and control comes at a price … even retaliatory violence

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