I have been using these daily prompts to get myself back into writing.  In middle school, high school, and college it was a passion.  I would just fill notebooks with random short stories.  Within my venture into marriage and parenthood I lost that little piece of myself somewhere.  Maybe it was having twins and the feeling of being overwhelmed.  There is nothing more frightening than being handed 2 little people at once and being in charge of their well-being while not having a clue how to be a parent.  It was not so bad but I had those first time parent jitters and two babies who needed constant attention.  I think I was so exhausted for the first 5 years that I walked through life like a zombie.  We had our 3rd daughter and I honestly just feel settled in life now.  It could be age too.  I went from worrying about everything to having the motto, “If I can’t control what is happening it is ok and there is no need to worry about those things that are out of my control.”  It has done wonders for me.

This prompt made me delve a little into myself.  I have recently began reflecting on my past, present, and future.  There is no need to feel limited in life and I have no idea why I spent so long feeling trapped.  No matter what happens we have choices.  The word Infinite personifies limitless options in my mind.  It is up to each one of us to make ourselves happy.  I can choose to be a bitter, hateful, nasty person.  Or, I can just move forward and “go with the flow.”  I like the later. I’m ready to enjoy the Infinite beauty that is life. ***I just wanted to ramble a little. Thank you for the read.***


4 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Irene says:

    It’s so easy for us to lose ourselves once parenthood begins. I have been a mom for 13 years and I am only recently trying to discover me again. Thank goodness for blogs and writing habits! You sound a lot like me! I want my notebooks to turn into something else, I am so happy I found the time and the motivation! Good luck with your journey!

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  2. girlieluvsya says:

    I definately lost who I was for the last 10 years. I even convinced myself that I am the happiest living for other people. It is not the case. I am such a giving person by nature that it took a divorce and me falling flat on my butt with no one to support me emotionaly, or financialy that I started to really get to know who I was! I just hate that it took me so long. Do little things like writing! I started to medetate as well. It eases my overthinking by miles! Keep it up! do what you LOVE 🙂

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