In the Woods

Have you ever been out hiking or camping and feel a sense of unease?  The hairs on your neck and arms raise and you can feel every individual goosebump.  Like someone or something is stalking you.  There is good reason, usually your intuition is right.  There are many things that hide in the dark waiting for the right time.  Lori knows all too well about what hides in the woods.  She only saw it once but that is a sight you will never forget.  No one believed her but she did not care.  She knew what she saw and she was never going back into the woods again.  She loved to hike and go trail riding.  She hadn’t stepped foot into the state park in 4 years and there were no plans in her future to do so.  It sounds crazy, but she did not make it up.  There are at least a dozen people spanned over the past decade who have similar stories.  Heck, she had never heard about such a creature in Mississippi and they have some strange animals.  What she saw was unique and would be hard to be mistaken as a common animal.  It was 20 feet long by her guess.  If you had seen just the last 10 feet of this creature you would guess it was a giant anaconda.  Not in Mississippi… Unless it was a pet someone let go in the woods due to the fact it had gotten so large.  People do that all the time.  No, She saw the whole beast.  The upper half of the creature was at least 80 inches in girth and had human like arms.  It was not anything near  a human though.  The head looked like something from Jurassic park, but scarier.  Real life is far more frightening than a movie.  It had a mouth full of long jagged teeth. Although it had no legs she said she just knew it could move quick.  She wouldn’t have had a chance against it.  She said they made eye contact.  She fumbled for her knife but was in a state of shock and couldn’t find it the moment she glanced down and looked back up and the creature  was gone.  She ran the 2 miles back to her car, got in, and left.  She still tells the story 4 years later and occasionally feels the hair on her neck raise.  There is a chill that runs down her spine when she thinks about that day.  How can something so horrendous be in such a beautiful place?  Then again nature has a balance, for everything that has beauty in the world there must be an amount of ugliness.  It is just the way it is.



***I went off in left field and picked a topic I don’t feel easy writing about.  I’m fine with human situations creatures, paranormal, and Ect. are out of my writing comfort zone.  Im trying to expand my thought process.  I have been doing the daily prompt but now I’m ready to try something else.   Thank you for the read.***


2 thoughts on “In the Woods

  1. youhimandher says:

    This was really good. I’m not good at writing imaginative stories like that. It’s difficult. I’m clapping for you! It’s not easy to Just come up with a story line, characters and detailed descriptions. I think its awesome that you’re trying different things because you never know what you may be really good at! You may really like writing this kind of stuff.

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