via Daily Prompt: Shine

Mark is an artist and no one knows.  He loves to paint.  He lives to paint.  Fate however likes to play games with people.  His work is beautiful but remains unnoticed.  It is so hard to effectively display the beauty that he saw.  As much as he tried to convey his vision through his work.  It goes unappreciated.  He wants to allow the wonderment of life to Shine through his work and illuminate someone else’s soul.  True to form, as life doesn’t always give us the things we desire, his art will get no recognition until his earthly existence is no more.  Then he is sure to be upheld along with the greats.  Most of them only found radiance within their post-mortem being.  One day he will inspire someone else in the same way he has been motivated.  One day Mark will Shine.


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