A View from the Past

I was going through some old boxes earlier and stumbled upon a journal (the kind they make you write in middle school english class) it was written when I was about 13.  I am going to transcribe one of my “Sample Stories” from that journal.  I actually remember some of my stories from this time period. I must have cleaned up the gore because the teacher was going to read it.  I had a strange phase where I made all my stories very bloody.  It must have been all the horror films I was obsessed with at the time.  This one is not terrible for a 13 year old girl.  I think we had 20 minutes to write in it once a week.


“As Marcus ran through the woods he could not help but to look behind him into the eyes of terror.  As he turned back around he tripped over a root.  He could hear the rustle of the leaves.  He could even hear IT breathing.  He slowly rose to his feet.  He turned ready to run but was stopped by his own trembling fear.  He heard a growl, a low subtle, but terrorizing growl as the monster of Sunny Lake Woods jumped in front of him.  He thought, “Could this be happening?  Im only 14 and I have to die like this?” Then he shifted slowly but could still feel it breathing on his neck.  He turned fully and ran as fast as he could.  He got about halfway through the woods and thought he had lost it but he could hear it stepping very slowly as not to disturb a sleeping baby.  All of a sudden the monster was right in front of him and as the monster lifted its huge claw, Marcus….. TO BE CONTINUED”


***So I apparently continued it later.***


“Marcus grabbed the nearest stick and fought for his life.  He could no long be afraid of something as terrorizing as his own fear.  Could he defeat the hideous monster at his own will?  only time cold tell.  he dropped the stick, he watched with fear as it fell to the ground.  All of a sudden the monster leaped upon him and was tearing him from limb to limb, as he thought about the night before he died.  He thought to himself, “Dad, I’m not scared of the Sunny Lake Monster any longer.  I’m scared of death.  As his mom and dad were having to be convinced it was not the monster they thought, “I should have known not to let him go into the woods alone.”

Haha maybe it was an “Are you afraid of the dark” or “Goosebumps” phase.


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