Ivy In the Hollow


Ivy stood about 5 foot 8, had a normal build, with long chestnut colored hair, and green eyes.  She was not extraordinary, she was average at best, but she is fine with that.  Attention is never something she welcomed.  She was not shy but talking and socializing was not an interest of hers.  Reading was her passion.  She loved to go down to McMiller’s Hollow where it was quiet.  There was a small shack that was used to store moonshine during the prohibition. It was not in terrible condition considering how long it had been abandoned.  Plus, the stream right next to it was rather calming.  In all of her 20 years she never felt the same comfort that was embodied by the sound of naturally flowing water.

She hated this small backwoods town.  Someday she will finally leave this place.  Not that she had been to many other places but she has read about plenty of them.  At least she can travel to them in her day dreams. She doesn’t feel like an outsider but she doesn’t have many friends.  Not that she really cares but it would be nice to have some sort of companionship.  For now, her alone time reading books by the water in the old shack will do.

It was a good 10-minute walk to the shack from her parent’s farmhouse.  It was a little isolating living out in the country but she couldn’t imagine having grown up anywhere else.  Almost there, she notices some movement.  She is still hidden by the foliage and uses it to her advantage while trying to figure what it was she saw.  You have to be careful in these times.  It could be a wild dangerous animal or it could be a menacing person.  Then she saw him walk out of the shack.  She guessed he was not over 25.  This did intrigue her.  He did not look familiar at all and she knew everyone in town.  Everyone knew everyone in town which was one of the major drawbacks to living in a small town.  She shifted on her feet slightly making a cracking noise as a stick broke beneath her left foot.  He instantly looked in her direction.  “Shoot,” she thought to herself and walk beyond the brush since there was clearly no sense in remaining out of sight now.  He didn’t look like a malicious person.  Then again most psychotic people don’t.

She started with the customary, “Hey, I’m Ivy.  I haven’t seen you here before.”  She was shocked at his easy-going response, “I’m Nate, No I don’t suppose you have I stumbled across this shack and decided to stay the night.  I am not from here.”  She knew that and wondered why anyone would feel the need to point out they are not from here.  She wouldn’t claim to be from here if she could get away with it.  “Where are you from?”  She figured he may be from Lawrenceburg (the next town over) and got lost in the woods.  It wouldn’t be the first time something like that happened, but they usually don’t make it to the edge of Jamesonton.  It would be a stretch for them to make it to this shack, but not impossible. She took in his appearance, he had dark brown hair, gray eyes, stood roughly 6 foot 3 with a large broad shoulders and a muscular build.  She caught herself admiring his casual nature.

As he sat on the small rickety porch he said, “I’m from Elysia.”  He was so matter of fact like she would know where that was located.  “I’ve never heard of that town.”  “It isn’t a town.  It is where I’m from,” he replied.  “Like a different country?”  He looked at her with a glance that mimicked her fathers when he used to explain things to her as a child.  “It is a sub-dimension.”  Oh good grief just when she thought she had met someone interesting they turn out to be a lunatic.  “Oh okay,” she said raising an eyebrow and turned to go home.  She would come back in a few days when Mr. Delusional was good and gone.  He said, “I can explain.  Elyria isn’t the only sub-dimension there are 4 total.  Elysia, Floura, Calentia, and Aquae.  All of the original earth dwellers live there.  If you sit and keep me company for a little I will tell you more.”  She didn’t know why he was being so forthcoming.  She was sure he was off his rocker but something inside made her sit anyway.  She wanted to know more even if it was just a fantasy land made up by a crazy guy.  She may even enjoy escaping her day-to-day life for just a little bit.

He began his explanation, “All modern humans that live here in this dimension ‘Earth’ are actually…….. ”

****CONTINUE:) ****    Ivy in the Hollow II


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