via Daily Prompt: Simple

Are we  Simple or complex?  I would like to think that we are all complex beings.  I’m not referring to someone’s vanity or intelligence.  Im referring to depth.  There was a time when I thought we all were mostly simple self-absorbed people who go through life not worrying about anyone but ourselves.  To be truthful, there are a lot of people who appear to have no care about others.  In reality though things are quite different.  If you take time to slow your pace and go “people watching” you will get to witness people being real and you will see depth of character in the small things they do.  Minimal acts of kindness.  Yes there are a few who won’t meet that criteria at that exact moment but at some point throughout their day they will do something for someone else.  Something selfless that no one may see.  The business man rushing to work who stops to help the older lady who lost her wedding ring.  In this he loses track of time and is late.  The child who picks a flower for her mother.  The mail person who takes the mail to the door because they know the resident can’t make it to the mailbox easily.  The people who say hello to strangers in passing.  Little things do add up.  Every time I find myself observing others in social settings it gives me a little hope for all of us.  I see true depth in everyone now.  We just have our own unique way of presenting it.


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