via Daily Prompt: Ten


Delaney opened her eyes as much as she could muster.  She could see some sort of light but knew there was something covering her head and she was tied to a sort of table. Where was she?  What happened?  The last thing she recalled was getting off of work and walking to her car.  She felt so disoriented.  Being a pharmacist she knew instantly that she must have been drugged.  With what, she had no idea.  “Think, Think, Think” she said to herself.

She heard a creaking sound and could sense another being in the room with her.  As the aroma of soured milk and cigarettes began filling her nose she wanted to gag.  Thank goodness she did not because right now whoever came in does not know she is awake yet.  She had no idea where she was or who she was with.

She could make out a large shadow.  Shuffling around the room.  She assumed she had an old potato sack on her head due to the fact she could faintly see between the fibers.  At this point she wished her eyes were duct taped shut so she did not know what was going on.  She could tell the figure was pacing the length of the small room.  At one point she stilled herself as she felt heavy breathing on the sack covering her head.  The smell was of old rotted meat and this time she did gag.

“Oh you are a dainty one.”

The old coarse voice that smelled of rotten meat said.  She then heard the sound of metal.  Like silverware clanking together.  She could tell the voice was talking but to who?  Oh it must be to himself.  How strange….or was it?  “What happened?” she thought to herself.  She remembers a small flash of being grabbed and having some wet fabric put over her face.  “Yes, Okay Im getting somewhere,” she thought to herself.

The wretched voice began to softly sing,”Ten toes, Ten toes.  I see Ten pretty little toes.”

Just then she felt sweaty cold hands touch her leg and something being placed around her big toe.  “What is he doing?  A foot fetish?  Oh, god if I survive this I promise I will…..”


Was the sound that echoed through the room followed by Delaney’s high-pitched screech.

The voice began to sing, “Nine toes, nine toes.  Just nine pretty little toes left.”


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