John Henry Fuseli Painting

Night Terror

That moment when you wake but you are not awake. The terror that rises within you is swelling. You know this feeling, you now clearly identify it. You tell yourself, “It is okay you are asleep and this is a dream.” In reality, you know this is something else but it is not real all the same. The feeling of panic is there and you feel as if something is creeping toward you. You want to scream but you tried that scenario before and nothing came out. You try so hard to open your eyes and they just will not work and it feels like you are using all of your might just to crack them slightly.

It will trick you and you will think everything is okay but as you drift back off that sudden rush of panic enters again and you are lost within your own mind. Something is there and you just want to scream, “Let’s get it over with!” You mentally scream this while trying to open your eyes because you feel something unpleasant is coming to get you. You know you are sleeping but you are in a twilight haze. This feels too real to be a dream but it has to be, essentially it is. At least that is what they say.

Eventually, things escalate and you feel a presence standing over you. The fear is so terrible it is indescribable. You never see exactly what it is but you do feel it. You feel it coming far before you feel it standing over you. If you’re lucky then you won’t see the shadow. The shadow is terrifying.

You get to where you dread to sleep. You could experience this every night or once every other year. No matter how many times it is you never forget that feeling. It is almost as if you can sense it is going to happen days in advance. Maybe it really is something sinister. One never knows but what I do know is, it doesn’t feel like a dream and the fear is very real.

Sleep paralysis at its finest.


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