Second Nature

via Daily Prompt: Tremble

To Tremble is second nature and Samantha knew that.  She hid as quiet as she could behind the old sofa that smelled of cigarettes and spoiled milk.  He would pass out soon and she would be able to leave.  Being only 14, she was doing the best she could.  Her father wasn’t a bad man but he was a man who had many demons.  When she was younger he was a lot different, more involved.  As the years passed and she got older she realized it was all a farce.  He put on an act and only showed what he thought people needed to see.  Behind closed doors, however, things were very different.

She did not have the happy childhood that her parents tried to portray to everyone.  At this point, there was no pretending.  Her mom couldn’t take it anymore and left 3 years ago.  Samantha and her brother were left with their dad.  They hadn’t seen their mom since she abandoned them.  She did call them on occasion send them letters with money in the mail.  That made up for nothing, if anything, it made Samantha more resentful.  Her older brother, Ethan, was 16 when their mom left and he moved out shortly after.

Warren, her dad, found no reason to hide his drinking problem anymore.  Especially since he had gotten into a work accident 6 months ago.  No, things only got worse.  Instead of coming home after work and partaking, he did it all day.  By the time she got off of the bus he was usually passed out and an hour after that, he would wake and the cycle of incessant drinking would begin again.

He would yell, he would stumble, he would fall, he would get up, call her nasty names, and this was her life.  He never hurt her physically but with all of the verbal abuse, she did not escape unharmed.   Her days were spent hiding until she knew he was passed out.  She did this to avoid the never ending insults that he would hurl at her when he blacked out.

She hid until she heard the faint sound of his snoring.  She would calm down eventually once she got out of this cursed house.  She walked out to the porch and down the old concrete stairs.  She knew she would be back in a few hours but she welcomed just a little harmony in her life if only for a few hours.


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