Ivy in the Hollow II

via Daily Prompt: Expectation

He began his explanation, “All modern humans that live here in this dimension ‘Earth’ are actually……..”

“…..halfbreeds.”   Somewhere down the line one entity from a realm came together with another and had offspring.  The beings in each realm have special abilities, we will call them strengths.  Eventually, the offspring, half-breeds, made their own home….. Earth.  There are still many purebred lines in each realm but they are thinning out.  He knew his explanation was still confusing and did not make much sense but you have to start somewhere and getting her to believe him was not a top priority.  Nate was just enjoying being able to talk to someone.

Elysia is his home and nothing would ever change that.  He knew going back was not an option but he will forever think of the beautiful golden fields and endless sunlight, he would never see a sight like that again and certainly not in this realm.  In Elysia, they could grow any and all plants.  Their strength lies within the land and they are to always protect it.  No plant ever died in their care and they thrived being in the sunlight and within the fields.  The thought of home almost made Nate homesick but he had no time for that now.

Ivy listened intently but still could not believe what he was saying.  She figured he was either messing with her or certifiably looney. Either way, this was better than being at home or alone out here for the millionth time.  What really was her Expectation?  She sat to talk with him knowing he was not right mentally.  He didn’t seem unusual, inhuman, or superhuman.  No, he actually reminded her of Lance, the star of the local Lacrosse Club.  Well-built and athletic, that is what she saw when she looked at Nate.  She saw a little crazy in him but he was not physically abnormal.  “So where are your parents?  Do you have parents?” she asked.  “Yes, I have parents everyone does, right?” he said as he stopped and stared blankly into the woods, deep in thought.

“My dad, Xavier, and my mother, Hea, are back at home in Elysia with my brother Dimitri and sisters Nera and Phaedra.  I had to leave because I am being accused of a forbidden crime.  Well, it is forbidden in Elysia but here you may think it is nothing out of the ordinary.” he answered.

“What was it?  You know, What did you do?” she responded.

Nate wondered if he should divulge his past and then realized he had nothing to lose by conversating with this girl so he began. “Nera was set to marry, Lethe, our district leader and I………….


Ivy In the Hollow***Read the First Part***



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