Old Man Tucker

via Daily Prompt: Slur

Old Man Tucker has lived a rather ominous life trailed by disaster and solitude.  Not once in his 63 years has he felt whole and at peace.  He knew even if he lived 63 more years he would never find it.

The misspent youth and long-term alcohol abuse have taken its toll on his aging body and he could feel it.  He thinks back to that ever faithful phrase that he would gleefully spit at friends who would warn him about his fast-paced life.  “Slow down Dan.  One day you will kill yourself.”  They would tell him.  He would reply, “Everyone dies one day.”

How ironic, he doesn’t want to go this way.  He is still in his right mind but no one could understand him through the heavy Slur that 40 years of drinking gave him.  HIs liver was only days away from giving out and if only he could stop the tremors….there is nothing he hates more than not having control over his own body.

At least being bedridden in the hospital has perks like his morphine drip.  It has become his family and his only comfort these days.  He never slowed down enough in life to have an actual family and looking back now he sort of regrets it.  Kind of, but deep down inside he can’t deny that he would have been a lousy father and husband.  Although it would be nice to not die alone the fact is we are born alone and we return to whence we came the same way.  He finds comfort in telling himself that.

Alas, Old Man Tucker will play the last hand of cards that life has dealt him.  As the morphine kicks in again he drifts off into the unknown.  He accepts that he may not wake up, this is something he understands.  He wonders what kind of imbibement the hereafter will offer him….. He will find out soon enough.


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