“Being Disastrous can be beautiful,” she said hoping this conversation would end soon. She just needed some quiet to think. “Don’t you mean being beautiful can be disastrous?” the man in the seat next to her asked. “No,” she replied. Natalie knew what she meant better than most and didn’t feel like continuing small talk tonight. She wasn’t aiming for a one night stand or a romantic rendezvous. She took a sip of her Amarillo Martini and motioned for the bartender.

Jones, the bartender, knew automatically that she wanted her check. She had been coming to The Chancellors House every Friday for the last 2 years. It was one of the oldest bars in town. Those who love period correct restorations would revel at this place. It feels as if you have been transported back to 1935 when walking through the heavy old door. It was a hotspot for anyone traveling to the area. This old relic was even featured it on one of those traveling shows.

Natalie despised small talk at the bar it never led to anything good. When the seat next to her became occupied by a lonely looking businessman she knew her time there would shortly come to an end. Jones had finally made it to her with the tab. She gandered over it and decided to leave cash. She got up from her stool and grabbed her purse from the back of the chair. Taking a moment to glance at the man in the seat, he had said his name but she forgot it, she looked for a quick exit. It was obvious that he wanted company but she was in no mood to be social tonight.

Not after the whirlwind, her life was about to become. Not after earlier today. She looked him dead in the eye and said, “To be disastrous can be beautiful if that’s the only way you know.” This was a sincere statement. Now she needed to get home and try to sleep even though she knew she wouldn’t because tomorrow her life would officially turn into chaos.

CONTINUE STORY WITH Lollipops and Fools Gold


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