Lollipops and Fools Gold



As Natalie left The Chancellor’s House she couldn’t help but to ask herself if she was as big of an asshole as she felt. She didn’t have to blow that guy off and act so cold. Maybe he just wanted a good talk and some company. That thought is what settled the situation in her mind. She did the right thing because good company is not something she was going to be at this moment.
As she was passing Nancy’s Confections Natalie couldn’t help but to glance in the window. There was an elaborate display of day old fudge and hard candies. She can remember the days when adult obligations were non-existent. Those were good days. Filled with true happiness and no worry. Not like now, being an adult is complicated. Funny you spend most of your youth wanting to grow up and all of adulthood wishing you didn’t.

Her dad used to stop by Nancy’s every other Wednesday after school. He would let Natalie and her brother get a hand-made Lollipop and a small bag of fools gold each. Oh, what a treat! Those were the good days.

What was she going to do now? At least the long walk home would give her some time to clear her head. She couldn’t wrap her mind around how her dad reacted and what he had said to her. How did he find out anyways? Just then her phone began to ring. She looked at the iPhone screen with dread. It was her brother. She didn’t want to answer but she didn’t want to worry him either. “Oh god he knows,” she thought to herself. She answered, “Hey Matt.”……………………
THIS STORY CONTINUES @ Thinking and Walking

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