The Calm Before

g4CONTINUED FROM Thinking and Walking

“…am tired and going to bed.” This is just dumb she was grown and who cares? Natalie didn’t know how she would deal with tomorrow. Why does she work for her parents again? Maybe a career change is in order.

Some how she managed to pass out at some point.  Ugh, she doesn’t feel remotely rested, this is going to be a long day. “Oh well,” she mumbled out loud as she rolled out of bed. Her head was throbbing from the hangover acquired from last night. She didn’t’ even drink that much. Ah! but the Amarillo Martini consisted of mostly ruby-red grapefruit juice, from concentrate she was sure, and vodka. She always got a hangover from them.  “Must be the sugar,” she thought to herself.

Walking into the bright white bathroom hurt her eyes and she instantly decided that showers were overrated. Besides, she would probably leave work early or be told to go home anyway. Natalie quickly got dressed, grabbed her keys, and headed out the door. Why were her parents so Traditional? Why can’t they just love her without trying to impose their will upon her?​

It was a two block walk from her house to the office. As she approached the building she could see her dad glaring at her through the iron bars attached to the front door. “Damn he’s been waiting for me,” she said to herself. Dread crept over her and she felt like a five-year-old who was about to be scolded, spanked, and then sent to bed. He opened the door for her as she got closer and………..


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