What is beyond the hill? Waiting


The Calm Before

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“…am tired and going to bed.” This is just dumb she was grown and who cares? Natalie didn’t know how she would deal with tomorrow. Why does she work for her parents again? Maybe a career change is in order.

Some how she managed to pass out at some point.  Ugh, she doesn’t feel remotely rested, this is going to be a long day. “Oh well,” she mumbled out loud as she rolled out of bed. Her head was throbbing from the hangover acquired from last night. She didn’t’ even drink that much. Ah! but the Amarillo Martini consisted of mostly ruby-red grapefruit juice, from concentrate she was sure, and vodka. She always got a hangover from them.  “Must be the sugar,” she thought to herself.

Walking into the bright white bathroom hurt her eyes and she instantly decided that showers were overrated. Besides, she would probably leave work early or be told to go home anyway. Natalie quickly got dressed, grabbed her keys, and headed out the door. Why were her parents so Traditional? Why can’t they just love her without trying to impose their will upon her?​

It was a two block walk from her house to the office. As she approached the building she could see her dad glaring at her through the iron bars attached to the front door. “Damn he’s been waiting for me,” she said to herself. Dread crept over her and she felt like a five-year-old who was about to be scolded, spanked, and then sent to bed. He opened the door for her as she got closer and………..

Thinking and Walking


CONTINUED FROM Lollipops and Fools Gold

“Hey, Matt, What’s going on?” Natalie took a deep breath in anticipation of what her older brother had to say. “What the fuck did you do? Dad called me bitching to the point that I just hung up on him.” She stopped walking and stared straight ahead into the distance. “Can I call you back tomorrow I have a lot to explain.” Matt replied, “Are you okay though?” “Yeah, I’ll live,” she said. “Okay call me tomorrow,” was his last response as Matt hung up.

This is not that bad, or so she thought. “The Gates of Hell will surely welcome you,” her dad had screamed at her through the phone. Who would say that to their child?

She knew her mom was an ally. There is something about moms that people neglect to realize. A mother’s purpose is to make sure that their offspring will thrive. She knew she would call her mom tomorrow and discuss this situation rationally. Her dad, however, was unpredictable. Her brother, Matt, already knew everything.

Natalie feels overwhelmed as she decides to start walking again. She tormented herself for years over this and she doesn’t need all this negative crap in her life right now. She has done everything the right way according to others and this is not fair.

She ambled up the concrete stairs into her Victorian three bedroom and two bath home. Walking into her foyer she stopped while placing her keys in the bowl on her accent table. Natalie looked herself in the eye with the aid of her foyer mirror. “Say it, ” she told herself. “Just say it openly,” she said out loud. “I…… of Hell will surely welcome you,” her dad had screamed at her through the phone. Who would say that to their child?

She ambled up the concrete stairs into her Victorian three bedroom and two bath home. Walking into her foyer she stopped while placing her keys in the bowl on her accent table. Natalie looked herself in the eye with the aid of her foyer mirror. “Say it, ” she told herself. “Just say it openly,” she said out loud. “I……


Lollipops and Fools Gold



As Natalie left The Chancellor’s House she couldn’t help but to ask herself if she was as big of an asshole as she felt. She didn’t have to blow that guy off and act so cold. Maybe he just wanted a good talk and some company. That thought is what settled the situation in her mind. She did the right thing because good company is not something she was going to be at this moment.
As she was passing Nancy’s Confections Natalie couldn’t help but to glance in the window. There was an elaborate display of day old fudge and hard candies. She can remember the days when adult obligations were non-existent. Those were good days. Filled with true happiness and no worry. Not like now, being an adult is complicated. Funny you spend most of your youth wanting to grow up and all of adulthood wishing you didn’t.

Her dad used to stop by Nancy’s every other Wednesday after school. He would let Natalie and her brother get a hand-made Lollipop and a small bag of fools gold each. Oh, what a treat! Those were the good days.

What was she going to do now? At least the long walk home would give her some time to clear her head. She couldn’t wrap her mind around how her dad reacted and what he had said to her. How did he find out anyways? Just then her phone began to ring. She looked at the iPhone screen with dread. It was her brother. She didn’t want to answer but she didn’t want to worry him either. “Oh god he knows,” she thought to herself. She answered, “Hey Matt.”……………………
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“Being Disastrous can be beautiful,” she said hoping this conversation would end soon. She just needed some quiet to think. “Don’t you mean being beautiful can be disastrous?” the man in the seat next to her asked. “No,” she replied. Natalie knew what she meant better than most and didn’t feel like continuing small talk tonight. She wasn’t aiming for a one night stand or a romantic rendezvous. She took a sip of her Amarillo Martini and motioned for the bartender.

Jones, the bartender, knew automatically that she wanted her check. She had been coming to The Chancellors House every Friday for the last 2 years. It was one of the oldest bars in town. Those who love period correct restorations would revel at this place. It feels as if you have been transported back to 1935 when walking through the heavy old door. It was a hotspot for anyone traveling to the area. This old relic was even featured it on one of those traveling shows.

Natalie despised small talk at the bar it never led to anything good. When the seat next to her became occupied by a lonely looking businessman she knew her time there would shortly come to an end. Jones had finally made it to her with the tab. She gandered over it and decided to leave cash. She got up from her stool and grabbed her purse from the back of the chair. Taking a moment to glance at the man in the seat, he had said his name but she forgot it, she looked for a quick exit. It was obvious that he wanted company but she was in no mood to be social tonight.

Not after the whirlwind, her life was about to become. Not after earlier today. She looked him dead in the eye and said, “To be disastrous can be beautiful if that’s the only way you know.” This was a sincere statement. Now she needed to get home and try to sleep even though she knew she wouldn’t because tomorrow her life would officially turn into chaos.

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Old Man Tucker

via Daily Prompt: Slur

Old Man Tucker has lived a rather ominous life trailed by disaster and solitude.  Not once in his 63 years has he felt whole and at peace.  He knew even if he lived 63 more years he would never find it.

The misspent youth and long-term alcohol abuse have taken its toll on his aging body and he could feel it.  He thinks back to that ever faithful phrase that he would gleefully spit at friends who would warn him about his fast-paced life.  “Slow down Dan.  One day you will kill yourself.”  They would tell him.  He would reply, “Everyone dies one day.”

How ironic, he doesn’t want to go this way.  He is still in his right mind but no one could understand him through the heavy Slur that 40 years of drinking gave him.  HIs liver was only days away from giving out and if only he could stop the tremors….there is nothing he hates more than not having control over his own body.

At least being bedridden in the hospital has perks like his morphine drip.  It has become his family and his only comfort these days.  He never slowed down enough in life to have an actual family and looking back now he sort of regrets it.  Kind of, but deep down inside he can’t deny that he would have been a lousy father and husband.  Although it would be nice to not die alone the fact is we are born alone and we return to whence we came the same way.  He finds comfort in telling himself that.

Alas, Old Man Tucker will play the last hand of cards that life has dealt him.  As the morphine kicks in again he drifts off into the unknown.  He accepts that he may not wake up, this is something he understands.  He wonders what kind of imbibement the hereafter will offer him….. He will find out soon enough.