via Daily Prompt: Simple

Are we  Simple or complex?  I would like to think that we are all complex beings.  I’m not referring to someone’s vanity or intelligence.  Im referring to depth.  There was a time when I thought we all were mostly simple self-absorbed people who go through life not worrying about anyone but ourselves.  To be truthful, there are a lot of people who appear to have no care about others.  In reality though things are quite different.  If you take time to slow your pace and go “people watching” you will get to witness people being real and you will see depth of character in the small things they do.  Minimal acts of kindness.  Yes there are a few who won’t meet that criteria at that exact moment but at some point throughout their day they will do something for someone else.  Something selfless that no one may see.  The business man rushing to work who stops to help the older lady who lost her wedding ring.  In this he loses track of time and is late.  The child who picks a flower for her mother.  The mail person who takes the mail to the door because they know the resident can’t make it to the mailbox easily.  The people who say hello to strangers in passing.  Little things do add up.  Every time I find myself observing others in social settings it gives me a little hope for all of us.  I see true depth in everyone now.  We just have our own unique way of presenting it.



dsc_0010via Daily Prompt: Marathon

Life is the true Marathon.  It consists of a series of events which resemble that of a long distance run.  Starting carefree but ends as a true test of endurance.  We start with great momentum and end just trying to enjoy the view.  In retrospect the hard times are brief and short lived.  Life is filled with peaks and valleys.  Without the valleys we could never enjoy the peaks.

A View from the Past

I was going through some old boxes earlier and stumbled upon a journal (the kind they make you write in middle school english class) it was written when I was about 13.  I am going to transcribe one of my “Sample Stories” from that journal.  I actually remember some of my stories from this time period. I must have cleaned up the gore because the teacher was going to read it.  I had a strange phase where I made all my stories very bloody.  It must have been all the horror films I was obsessed with at the time.  This one is not terrible for a 13 year old girl.  I think we had 20 minutes to write in it once a week.


“As Marcus ran through the woods he could not help but to look behind him into the eyes of terror.  As he turned back around he tripped over a root.  He could hear the rustle of the leaves.  He could even hear IT breathing.  He slowly rose to his feet.  He turned ready to run but was stopped by his own trembling fear.  He heard a growl, a low subtle, but terrorizing growl as the monster of Sunny Lake Woods jumped in front of him.  He thought, “Could this be happening?  Im only 14 and I have to die like this?” Then he shifted slowly but could still feel it breathing on his neck.  He turned fully and ran as fast as he could.  He got about halfway through the woods and thought he had lost it but he could hear it stepping very slowly as not to disturb a sleeping baby.  All of a sudden the monster was right in front of him and as the monster lifted its huge claw, Marcus….. TO BE CONTINUED”


***So I apparently continued it later.***


“Marcus grabbed the nearest stick and fought for his life.  He could no long be afraid of something as terrorizing as his own fear.  Could he defeat the hideous monster at his own will?  only time cold tell.  he dropped the stick, he watched with fear as it fell to the ground.  All of a sudden the monster leaped upon him and was tearing him from limb to limb, as he thought about the night before he died.  He thought to himself, “Dad, I’m not scared of the Sunny Lake Monster any longer.  I’m scared of death.  As his mom and dad were having to be convinced it was not the monster they thought, “I should have known not to let him go into the woods alone.”

Haha maybe it was an “Are you afraid of the dark” or “Goosebumps” phase.



So…. I went to one of those fun backwoods diner dives today. The kind that servers the yummiest food because it hasn’t changed in 50 or so years.  Yep, had me a great little greasy burger.  I don’t always splurge diet wise but boy when I do I go BIG!  Anyways, I had read this prompt earlier and had a different idea but when I saw this I had to photograph it.  Most children now have no idea what this is…. it is truly a technology forgotten.  img_0504



I have been using these daily prompts to get myself back into writing.  In middle school, high school, and college it was a passion.  I would just fill notebooks with random short stories.  Within my venture into marriage and parenthood I lost that little piece of myself somewhere.  Maybe it was having twins and the feeling of being overwhelmed.  There is nothing more frightening than being handed 2 little people at once and being in charge of their well-being while not having a clue how to be a parent.  It was not so bad but I had those first time parent jitters and two babies who needed constant attention.  I think I was so exhausted for the first 5 years that I walked through life like a zombie.  We had our 3rd daughter and I honestly just feel settled in life now.  It could be age too.  I went from worrying about everything to having the motto, “If I can’t control what is happening it is ok and there is no need to worry about those things that are out of my control.”  It has done wonders for me.

This prompt made me delve a little into myself.  I have recently began reflecting on my past, present, and future.  There is no need to feel limited in life and I have no idea why I spent so long feeling trapped.  No matter what happens we have choices.  The word Infinite personifies limitless options in my mind.  It is up to each one of us to make ourselves happy.  I can choose to be a bitter, hateful, nasty person.  Or, I can just move forward and “go with the flow.”  I like the later. I’m ready to enjoy the Infinite beauty that is life. ***I just wanted to ramble a little. Thank you for the read.***

Just my thoughts.

This Blog is for me.  A few years ago I lost all passion for anything personal…. I guess you could say I was in an indefinite slump.  I really never thought that anything was wrong.  I just figured “this is life.”  Im slowly starting to feel more settled within myself.  I Just need a platform to expand my thoughts and read others thoughts.  I have had so many instances of personal growth throughout this year alone.  Im exhausted but in a good way.  I have no idea what the future brings but instead of being anxious about it I’m rather excited.  My take on things would have been far different and darker this time last year.